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Washington Divorce Settlement Attorney

Experienced, Caring Tacoma Divorce Lawyer

Attorney Rachel Rolfs is here for you when you decide you must pursue a divorce or legal separation, or when your spouse has taken action and you must respond.

In a helpful consultation with attorney Rachel Rolfs, she can explain the law, your rights and your options. She will help you examine all issues that must be resolved and offer guidance that can improve the outcome. Your decision to contact us can be a key first step on your path toward a fair, reasonable settlement and your ability to move on in life.

Strong Legal Knowledge and the Guidance You Need

You do not have to feel intimidated or self-conscious if you are unsure what action to take. We recognize that divorce is an earthshaking personal event and that the decisions you face are complicated. Whether you have children and substantial marital property or believe you are dealing with a relatively simple, straightforward divorce, we will work hard to understand your situation and priorities.

Child Custody and Support - Property Division - Military Divorces

We will offer compassion and understanding as we help you sort it all out, and we well make certain your rights are fully protected on issues that may include:

Striving for Fair, Efficient Out-of-Court Settlements

Our practice is focused exclusively on divorce and other family law issues. We counsel and represent people in all kinds of circumstances throughout Pierce County, Washington - emphasizing productive negotiations leading to fair, reasonable out-of-court settlements whenever possible.

We will help you determine whether mediation or collaborative law may be a good approach for you. Should your case ultimately have to go to trial, you will have an experienced attorney on your side.

We do not have a "standard" approach to divorce. We focus on you, and on finding the best ways to achieve what you need to move forward. To arrange a consultation, please call 877.531.6896 or send us an e-mailtoday.

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