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Early Settlement Conference Resolutions

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Early Resolution of Settlement Conferences From a Tacoma Lawyer

When a divorce or other family law trial is set, the judge will schedule a settlement conference where the parties will meet and attempt to come to a resolution prior to litigating in court. These conferences are sometimes scheduled a year into the future. At the Law Office of Rachel Rolfs in Tacoma, Washington, we work with you to create an early resolution of your settlement conference so you do not have to wait for your case to be complete.

At our Tacoma law firm, we work with individuals, couples and families in Pierce County to resolve their family law matters in the best manner for them. Contact a family mediation attorney to schedule a consultation. We have experience obtaining early resolutions to settlement conferences throughout Washington.

Pierce County Court Ordered Family Mediation Attorney

Settlement conferences are required and the court usually provides strict dates to complete them. If you use our knowledgeable team for the early resolution of your conference, we can provide you with many flexible dates and hours. This way, you resolve your disputes on your time.

A skilled mediator must remain unbiased. Therefore, if attorney Rachel Rolfs is chosen to act as a mediator in a case, she speaks to each party during the mediation session without taking sides. This allows for the parties to come to terms on which they both can agree.

Capable Representation Through Mediations or As a Separate Mediator

As a knowledgeable and experienced family law mediator, attorney Rachel Rolfs has assisted people in multiple aspects of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). She is able to serve as a mediator, guiding both parties to a resolution that protects everyone's interests. She is also able to represent you if you are going to a mediation with another mediator, and would like an attorney in your corner for legal assistance and advice.

Contact a Tacoma Lawyer for the Early Resolution of Your Settlement Conference

Our law office is dedicated to the early resolution of settlement conferences, with the focus always on you, your needs and your priorities. Our mission is to provide the accurate information you need and help you navigate the legal system with your rights fully protected. Contact a Tacoma divorce mediator for guidance with your family law and settlement conference concerns.

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