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Mediation and Settlement Conferences

Divorce Mediation Attorney - Tacoma, Washington

Divorce and other family law matters do not have to be financially costly. You can make these issues much more affordable by using mediation. In addition to saving money, divorce mediation offers the involved parties the opportunity to resolve problems in a manner that takes personal needs and preferences into account. In court, an impartial judge makes your life decisions for you, and you have to abide by the court order, whether it would be your first choice or not.

At the Law Office of Rachel Rolfs in Tacoma, Washington, we work with individuals, couples and families in Pierce County to resolve their family law matters in the best manner for them. At our office, attorney Rachel Rolfs represents clients through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as collaborative law and mediation as well as standard court (litigation). Contact a Tacoma divorce mediation attorney to schedule a consultation.

Family Law Mediator and Attorney Serving Pierce County

Mediation is a viable method of resolving a divorce and other family law disputes out of court, with both parties present and participating. Resolution can often be reached in one or two sessions. All in all, mediation is typically much less expensive than proceeding with open-ended negotiations or a divorce contested in court.

You may have only a few issues to resolve and believe that you can do so with a legal professional acting as a neutral, objective third party. Rachel Rolfs can serve as a mediator, meeting with you and your opposing party and your attorneys to assist with the resolution of your issue from division of property to dissolution of a domestic partnership.

Settlement Conferences and Mediation

Before going to trial, a judge will require that you participate in a settlement conference. Usually, this conference is scheduled far into the future. It is possible to resolve your issues sooner than your scheduled date, however, and we have the skills to help. If you require assistance resolving your family disputes through a settlement conference, be sure to put a knowledgeable divorce mediation attorney in your corner.

Consultation With a Family Law Mediator in Pierce County

For most family law actions in Washington, the court requires the parties to participate in some sort of mediation prior to going to trial. To learn more about state requirements, mediation FAQs and how our office can be of assistance in your family law matter, please contact our Washington law firm to schedule a consultation.

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