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Post-decree Modifications

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Life is dynamic. By nature, it is full of change and adaptation. However, court orders governing divorce, child custody or support orders are static. To obtain a post-decree modification, a petition must be filed with the court for consideration.

Whether you are seeking changes based on your needs or those of your children, you must have an understanding of the process required to obtain post-order modifications. At the Law Office of Rachel Rolfs in Tacoma, we provide individuals, couples and families with trustworthy counsel and legal guidance on family law matters. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Reasons for Modifications of Court Orders

As children grow, their needs change. Parents, too, experience alterations in circumstances as years pass. If needs and abilities have significantly changed since an original decree was filed, you may be able to obtain a modification in orders pertaining to:

Financial reasons are typically the most used grounds for seeking post-judgment modifications. A child's needs may require additional support to cover educational, medical or other care expenses. A custodial parent may learn of a significant increase in income for the payer. Or, the parent responsible for paying child support every month may have lost a job making it difficult, if not impossible, to meet support requirements.

Child custody and visitation matters often require changes to existing orders. If either parent is considering relocation, custody and parenting time considerations must be discussed. If children wish to live with a noncustodial parent or if children are seriously endangered in the care of the custodial parent, it is important to consider options and formulate plans for change. Often mediation provides a comfortable, neutral forum for discussions pertaining to modifications.

Clarification Consultations

At our firm, we also provide assistance to those who do not fully understand or are confused by unclear court orders. Before settling into a battle of he said-she said, you can clarify the meaning of your order by consulting with Attorney Rachel Rolfs. Never make an off-the-record agreement with your ex-spouse; those agreements are unenforceable and offer no protection from a sudden change of mind by one of the parties. Always contact an attorney first, before attempting to modify any of the terms of your divorce settlement.

Serving civilian and military families throughout Pierce County, the Law Office of Rachel Rolfs offers services in mediation, collaborative law and traditional court representation. Contact us to discuss how we may help you work through your family law concerns.

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