Domestic Partnerships In Washington

We are a full-service family law office dedicated to helping people get through difficult emotional times and move forward with as few regrets as possible. Knowledgeable attorney Rachel Rolfs has handled many divorce cases and will effectively apply her experience for you when you must deal with dissolution of a domestic partnership.

If your legally registered domestic partnership is breaking up, you can consult with Rachel Rolfs to discuss your rights and options. We will neither complicate your case unnecessarily nor take issues for granted in this relatively new and still-evolving area of Washington family law.

Advising You On Your Rights Under Still-Evolving Laws

The Washington state law allowing registration of domestic partnerships was passed in July 2007. This law, since modified and expanded, extends many of the rights of marriage to same-sex couples and cohabitating opposite-sex couples with one or both partners over age 62. Along with the many positive impacts of the law for same-sex couples and others, an inevitable consequence is that breaking up may involve more complex legal issues than before.

Protect Your Personal And Financial Future

We can advise you of the legal requirements for terminating your domestic partnership. More importantly, we will diligently examine the impact of this action on the division of property you and your partner own together, including complex assets.

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