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Advocating For Custody Decisions That Help Children

Not all custody disputes are between two parents. At the Tacoma, Washington, Law Offices of Rachel Rolfs & Associates, we have handled a variety of cases involving minor guardianships. Formerly referred to as third-party or nonparental custody, a minor guardianship is when anyone other than a biological or adoptive parent seeks legal authority similar to that of a parent.

If you are dealing with any situation that calls for solid legal counsel on a minor guardianship, please contact us. We will listen carefully, see your perspective and do her best to help you make realistic, productive choices. Our legal team can support you through every phase of your case.

Who Should The Child’s Legal Caregiver Be?

As a relative concerned for children or a parent needing to defend your own rights, you must know the law and understand the actions you can take. We are prepared to counsel and represent you as a:

  • Grandparent or another relative who believes children are in a harmful or an at-risk situation and that neither of their parents is fit to provide proper care
  • Person already caring for children not your own, who may need the legal right to make medical decisions and collect child support to provide for them
  • Young parent who is being unfairly denied parental rights
  • “De facto” parent fulfilling the role of mother or father to a significant other’s children, when the absent parent is not concerned or involved

Practical, Assertive Action For Children’s Welfare And Financial Support

We take parental rights – and grandparents’ rights – very seriously. We also recognize that there are cases where children are far better off in another’s care. Finances are part of raising children, and we take a very practical view in minor guardianship cases. Grandparents and others fulfilling the obligations of parenting should be able to make important decisions, take advantage of tax deductions and have access to child support if possible and appropriate.

Taking Action

To talk through your specific minor guardianship situation with a lawyer who has the knowledge and experience to help, please call 877-531-6896 or send us an e-mail.