Answering Your Questions About Family Law

At the Law Offices of Rachel Rolfs & Associates, we want to remove the veil from the legal process. We know that you have questions, and we are happy to help you get the information you need. Below are some of the most common questions our clients ask.

Please note that your circumstances may change the answers to these questions. To get personalized answers, we encourage you to speak directly with our attorneys. You can schedule an appointment at 877-531-6896.

How long does divorce take?

Every divorce is different because every couple is different. In the simplest cases, divorce can take a short a few months. Our firm can help you minimize the length of your divorce proceedings through alternative dispute resolution and other techniques.

Is mediation an option for me?

Mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods are fantastic options for people looking to save time and money. If you believe that you and your ex can come to a civil agreement on issues like child care and property division, mediation may be a good option for you.

How can I protect my children?

Statistics show that children do best in emotionally and financially stable homes where they have consistent expectations and boundaries. In addition to taking the right financial steps, your children will likely benefit from a clear co-parenting agreement.

How Do I Schedule An Appointment?

You can come in and speak with our attorneys at a time that works for you. Reach us at 253-267-8682 or send us an email and ask for an appointment with one of our compassionate, experienced attorneys.